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Scaffold Appreciation Awareness


All delegates receive a Training Societi A4 Certificate and a photo ID card with a 5 year expiry

1 Day 8:30am - 4:30pm

£125.00 + VAT per person

  • Extensive handouts
  • Hire of purpose built scaffolding
  • Lunch & Refreshments including sweets and biscuits
  • Free parking
  • Free letter of attendance provided on request whilst certification is processed


  • Bristol
  • On site


If you have 1 to 12 delegates you can attend one of our open or public training courses.

We can open a private course or organise training on site for 4 to 12 delegates.


Fixed scaffolding can be a very safe access option when used correctly.

Course teaches people how to safely work with and from fixed scaffolding, how to identify basic components and possible faults and hazards.

Course includes:

  • Health & Safety Laws & Regulations, including the Work at Height 2005 Regulations – understanding your legal duty
  • Approved codes of practice
  • Hazards & problems in working scaffolds – and action to take if these are identified
  • Product standards, selection & basic inspection (including scaff tags)
  • How to use scaffold safely – erect, dismantle, storage & maintenance
  • How to conduct a Risk Assessment.
  • Preventative and protective control measures including PPE
  • SG4 10 Harness and Lanyard

  • Manual Handling
  • Industry performance standards
  • Basic Types of scaffold structures and methods of construction
  • Scaffold terminology
  • Components of a scaffold – tubes, boards, fittings, ladders, gin wheels, ropes & Scaffold ties
  • Definitions and terminology
  • Foundations / ground conditions
  • Access and egress
  • Fire prevention
  • Practical session with our specially built training scaffold
  • Theoretical Question Paper (Multiple Choice)
  • Test paper / questions / handouts & review

Who Needs Scaffold Appreciation Awareness Training

People who work off or with fixed scaffolding which can apply to may trades.  It teaches how to work safely and avoid incidents to themselves, their work mates and anyone near scaffolding.  For people wanting to carry out weekly scaffolding inspections we recommend the scaffold inspection course.


Andy Holmes

Andy started scaffolding in 1974 - worked his way up to a foreman scaffolder and then on into management.

He's extremely knowledgable due to his years on the tools.

Course Dates

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  1. Q: Will this course allow me to inspect scaffolding?

    A: No, this course is for people who work off scaffolding only.  If you want to inspect scaffolding then we recommend you attend our Scaffold Inspection course.

Feedback on Scaffold Appreciation Awareness Course

Learnt alot about scaffolding and I go on scaffolding all the time, I know what to look for now.