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Abrasive Wheels


All delegates receive a Training Societi A4 Certificate and a photo ID card with a 5 year expiry.

½ day · 8:30am - noon

£80.00 + VAT per person

  • Extensive handouts
  • Hire of equipment (Delegates are welcome to bring their own too if practical)
  • Refreshments including sweets and biscuits
  • Free parking
  • Free letter of attendance provided on request whilst certification is processed


  • Bristol
  • On site


If you have 1 to 12 delegates you can attend one of our open or public training courses.

We can open up a private course or organise training at your site from 4 to 12 delegates.


Accidents involving abrasive wheels are more common and painful than many people realise and nearly half of them are the result of operator error or unsafe systems of work.  Learn how to avoid such accidents…

Course inclues:

  • Health & Safety Laws and Regulations – understanding your legal duty – PUWER 1998 and Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.
  • Responsibilities of employer and employee.
  • Hazards & Risks involved – precautions to observe incl. Hand Arm Vibration.
  • Wheel markings – what they mean and what you need to know.
  • How to assemble wheels correctly to ensure they are properly balanced and fit to use.

  • Step by step guide – how to inspect and test abrasive wheels, who is responsible for this and how often it must be done.
  • Safe operation, maintenance and storage tips.
  • Importance of issuing and using correct PPE and step by step guide of how to inspect it.
  • How to conduct a risk assessment and advice on how to collate method statements that operatives can easily understand and follow.
  • Test paper/ questions/ handouts and review.

Who Needs Abrasive Wheels Training

This course is for all operators who work with all types of abrasive wheels, as well as their employers.


Trainer - Alan Bigwood
Alan Bigwood

Alan is our Senior Trainer and Technical Director.

He spent 30 years as a Health & Safety Director of a National Construction company, so he has the muddy boots experience, the qualifications, the stories as well as the likability and sense of humour so crucial to helping people understand the importance of Health & Safety in the workplace.

Course Dates

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Dates Days Price per person Status
1 Tuesday 20 Feb 2018 .5 £80.00 + VAT

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8 Places Available

1 Tuesday 06 Mar 2018 .5 £80.00 + VAT

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11 Places Available

2 Wednesday 04 Apr 2018 .5 £80.00 + VAT

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12 Places Available

3 Thursday 10 May 2018 .5 £80.00 + VAT

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12 Places Available

5 Tuesday 26 Jun 2018 .5 £80.00 + VAT

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12 Places Available

6 Tuesday 24 Jul 2018 .5 £80.00 + VAT

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12 Places Available

6 Monday 13 Aug 2018 .5 £80.00 + VAT

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12 Places Available

9 Monday 29 Oct 2018 .5 £80.00 + VAT

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12 Places Available

10 Tuesday 27 Nov 2018 .5 £80.00 + VAT

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10 Tuesday 18 Dec 2018 .5 £80.00 + VAT

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  1. Q: Do you provide training to be a trainer for abrasive wheels courses?

    A: Not currently; we recommend you visit the British Abrasive Federation which is where our trainers trained to train. They also have an abrasive wheels FAQ page - here.

  2. Q: Where can I find HSE's - Safety in the use of abrasive wheels publication

    A: You'll find a free to download pdf version of it on the website (2.5MB) or an optimised version (1.3MB) here.

  3. Q: Frequency of abrasive wheels training - the certificate says 5 yrs but BAF suggest 3 yrs - why is there a difference?

    A: 5 years is in line with other major accreditation bodies such as PASMA, CITB, etc. but if you haven't used abrasive wheels since you received training then 3 years is probably more sensible.

  4. Q: Is this course BAF accredited?

    A: No, but the trainers are. The reason is economic - a BAF accredited course would be more expensive for us to provide and essentially would not differ to the courses we run.

Feedback on Abrasive Wheels Course

Able to use correct tool for the correct application safely using the appropriate safety equipment.

Gavin Morgan - Contract Manager

Gappars & Associates

Understand info on wheels and potential outcomes of not using abrasive wheels correctly - Very good straight to the point

Daryl Purnell - Catering Engineer

Tailor Made CES Ltd


Impoved safety of myself and others. Improved monitoring of other users.

Matthew Baker

National Trust


Loads of info and tips.

Tudor - Ahdrei Gaurula - Demolition

RM Penny


I know far more about using the correct PPE and checking the grinding wheel and machine. It was good and I learnt a lot.

Kieran Cottle - Maintenance Engineer


Chippenham, Wiltshire

I now know more about the information on the hgrinding disk this will help me choose the correct disk for the job.

Gavin Vale - Fitter

Selwood Group Ltd

Avonmouth, Bristol