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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:How do I claim my CITB grant with Site Safety Plus courses?


If your company is a CITB Levy paying member you will be able to claim a grant back from them for each delegate that attends a Site Safety Plus course.  These include: CITB Health and Safety Awareness, SSSTS and SMSTS … Continue reading

Q:Do I need to renew my Green Labourers Card if I have an SSSTS / SMSTS Certificate?


You only need to renew your green labourers card if you want a labourers card as well as your SSSTS/SMSTS.  There is no obligation to hold a labourers card if you have a higher level of qualification. However, we would … Continue reading

Q:How to find out what CSCS card you need and how to apply for it.


We’re asked about frequently – we hope the following is useful… – This page has a short video issued by the CITB which will run you through the steps of how to apply. The type of card you apply … Continue reading

Q:What First Aid course should I go on? The 3 day FAAW or the 1 day EFAW?


We often get asked this question, so whilst there are no hard and fast rules that the HSE lay down, they have published this on their website which explains all the factors you need to think about before deciding what … Continue reading

Q:Can I reserve spaces and request an invoice?


Yes you can register online for places and we can send you an invoice.  This is especially useful for customers on an account with us.

Q:How do I apply for my green cscs card?


We get asked this question all the time so here is our guide on the steps you need to take to achieve the Green Labourer Card when taking the CITB Health & Safety Awareness course as follows: STEP 1 – … Continue reading

Q:Can Men with Beards have Qualitative Face Fits for Dust Masks if they have Facial Hair


The current trend of blokes with facial hair has led to a lot of people asking if guys can be face fitted for respiratory protective face masks if they have facial hair.  Here is the answer below: With regards to … Continue reading

Q:I need my certification urgently, are you able to provide this?


Yes, we strive to provide you with your certification as soon as possible.  We will ensure that you get your certification within four weeks of your course (or as soon as payment is received if on account).  We always send … Continue reading

Q:Can I open a credit account?


Yes, subject to a credit check. All invoices are strictly payable 30 days from invoice date and we can’t send certificates until payment has arrived. To apply please download the credit account form here.